About us

Federal Government College Ugwolawo is a Unity College with a vast and impressive academic record to go by. Since inception, the college has maintained a high standard in academic pursuits as well as a high taste in excellence and moral discipline. This can be seen from the quality and brilliance of its students in both external and internal examinations, competitions, quizzes, debates, etc. The school buildings are all modern architectural design and with well-equipped classrooms for conducive learning and teaching.


God bless thee my alma-mater,

Our only pro-unitate,

Your praises we are singing hither,

Our source of sound inspiration,

You are the pillar of our foundation,

You gave us basic education,

Federal Government College Ugwolawo,

My alma-mater, my alma-mater,


From places we have come around,

To study in harmony,

In you were the shining years,

We saw the light of our future,

You gave me hopes, I had my dreams

To you praise be forever,

Federal Government College Ugwolawo,

My alma-mater, my alma-mater.


Our Vision

To be a symbol of Unity and a Centre of Excellence with very committed, highly motivated and disciplined Staff and Students.

Our Mission

To mould Nigerian youths in Character and Learning, to effectively participate in Nation Building through holistic education and formation of synergy with our host community and Nigeria in general.

Our Purpose

To provide quality education leading to the Upgrade, Development and Standadization of Nigerian Students as specified in the relevant syllabuses, using acceptable learning systems in education delivery.